Official Ballot Argument Opposing Measure E


The typical sales tax rate in California is 7.25% – the state getting 6%, the county 0.25% and cities collecting 1%.

In 2008, Oxnard City Hall promised voters “enhanced services” if we increased the City’s sales tax rate from 1% to 1.5% – or roughly $13 million extra per year.

Are you experiencing “enhanced services”?

Now, Oxnard City Hall insists we pay another 1.5% – an additional $40 million annually!

And unlike the last tax increase, this new tax has no expiration date!

If Measure E is adopted, Oxnard’s city tax rate will:

- Double from 1.5% to 3% – that’s TRIPLE the rate charged by most cities.

- Be the HIGHEST city rate in California: a dubious achievement shared only by Santa Cruz and Watsonville.

Oxnard City Hall will likely claim that sales tax rates are even higher in some cities. But that’s only because some counties (e.g. Los Angeles County) charge as much as 2.5%, while Ventura County charges 0.25%.

What they can’t dispute is that no California city rakes in more than 3%.

Other cities deliver services – including decent roads and landscaping – without charging an extra sales tax. Nearby Camarillo and Thousand Oaks accomplish this through better management and by not chasing away businesses that help pay the bills.

Last year this Oxnard City Council increased the compensation of several hundred city employees by more than $10,000 per year – some much more! In contrast, they cut funding for libraries, youths and seniors.

And within four years, Oxnard City Hall forecasts increasing salaries and pensions by almost $19 million per year – and that assumes no increase in services.

Oxnard City Hall is spending taxpayer money on political consultants to craft their sales pitch, suggesting you’ll get improved services.

But you know better!

Vote No on Measure E and institute reforms by voting Yes on Measures F, L, M and N.

Aaron Starr
President, Moving Oxnard Forward

Jack Villa
Chair, Inter-Neighborhood Council Organization (INCO)

Tom Rey Garcia
Downtown Oxnard Business Owner - Tomas Cafe 

Edward Castillo
Former Oxnard Planning Commissioner 

Jo Ann Olivares



Measure E Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does Measure E do?

Measure E is a 1.5% sales tax increase. It is a general tax, which means that no matter what Oxnard City Hall tries to tell you, it can be used for any purpose they want. There is no requirement that they spend the funds on the programs described in the ballot question.

On July 7, when the Oxnard City Council voted to put this measure on the ballot, City staff revealed the programs that are most popular according to public opinion polling the city conducted (using your money), and they named the ballot measure after these programs to make you THINK the money will be spent that way.

2) So where does Oxnard City Hall want to spend the money?

Increased pensions and salaries at City Hall. Within four years, Oxnard City Hall plans to increase spending on employee compensation by almost $19 million – with no increase in head count. And those figures will be even higher in the future. This means that you are going to be paying a lot more, but will have little to show in extra services.

3) Where can I see the text of the Measure?

Just click here to see the full text of Measure E - Oxnard 1.5% Sales Tax Increase.

4) Where can I see your video about Measure E?



Paid for by Starr Coalition for Moving Oxnard Forward, a committee opposing Measure E; supporting Measures F, L, M and N.

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