Coalition for Moving Oxnard Forward

We are the election wing of Moving Oxnard Forward, Inc.

We are committed to publicizing the positions of elected officials and persuading them to adopt policies that will improve our business climate, make City Hall focus on the basics – such as roads, infrastructure and public safety – and create greater transparency in our local government’s operations and finances.  

But sometimes public pressure isn't enough to make the politicians do what's right.

And that's where Coalition for Moving Oxnard Forward comes in.

We are the political action committee that will work to qualify local measures for the ballot and provide the support needed so that Oxnard residents and local businesses can take matters into their own hands. 

If you share our goals …

If you want to be kept informed …

If you want to engage in positive, constructive action …

If you want to be part of Moving Oxnard Forward …

We invite you to join us.

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