Attracting Businesses and Jobs to Oxnard Act


Do you wonder why our unemployment rate is consistently higher in Oxnard than in the rest of the county? Perhaps it is because our city’s business taxes are among the highest in Ventura County.

These excessive taxes reduce Oxnard’s competitiveness as a business destination.  Worse, they encourage employers to locate elsewhere--reducing local job opportunities for our families.

Not only do Oxnard’s high taxes make unemployment worse, they also force many residents to do their shopping out of town—hurting local merchants and furthering reducing the sales tax monies available for vital community services that benefit residents.

High city business taxes mean more traffic on the roads as residents are forced to work and shop elsewhere. It means more congestion and worse conditions for our roads.

Excessive taxes have driven businesses away from Oxnard.  Ironically, while our expensive city business license tax only generates around $5 million per year, it deprives Oxnard of much larger revenues that these businesses would have paid in sales and property taxes if they were located here.

In other words, the City’s penny wise and pound foolish policy results in less overall tax revenue needed to support local schools, parks, public safety, and community services.

It’s time to enact the “Attracting Businesses and Jobs to Oxnard Act” to repeal the City’s business tax.  Repealing Oxnard’s excessive business license tax will create jobs, support our local businesses and help build the strong economic base our city needs to thrive.

With your help, we can send a powerful message that Oxnard is “open for business.”

Join us! And please help us with your time and money.

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